Steamboat Springs 2009
Thursday, 28 July 2011

July 10, 2009

I got to play Crew Chief this year for my Pilot, Doug Lenberg of Farmington, New Mexico.  The Denver Bronco Cheerleaders had their annual calendar photo shot going on at the same time, with some of it staged at the launch field.  Our Sponsor, as has been for many years is the Twentymile Coal Mine, owned by Peabody Energy and they've been great Sponsors over the years.  Typically we get to fly their Summer Interns who come from colleges all over the Country where they are studying to be Mining Engineers.  We fly Media Day on Friday, and that's where we take a member of the Media be it a radio or the local TV station for a balloon ride, and on that day the Bronco Cheerleader photo shoot for a few of them was taking place.

The Steamboat Springs Balloon Festival organized by the Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce is one of my favorite ballooning events.  I really enjoy the tight launch site quarters of the new location.  It's more challenging as Crew, but at the same time the interaction with the Public is great!  That weekend is known as the Rainbow Weekend and there are lot of events taking place all over the area.  Some of them are the Arts Festival, Rodeo, various sporting events and of course the Hot Air Balloon Rodeo.  It's always fun to float the Yampa River through Town, and I can never pass up a visit to the Lyon's Corner Drug and Soda Fountain at 840 Lincoln Avenue (the main drag) for a malt or shake. 


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